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Amber Guyger is a convicted murder. However, a YouTuber named Tyler Cassidy thought it would be smart to make a song about the killing of Botham Jean in his own home while eating ice cream and watching television on Sept. 6, 2018. This is the same person who recorded a disgusting song about the N-word, titled “Give A Ni$$a A Break,” which has over 200,000 views.

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In Cassidy’s song titled “Amber Guyger,” he is clearly trying to be clever and critique the killer with lyrics like, “Amber Guyger’s breaking in your home tonight / And Amber Guyger’s shooting everyone.”

Other lyrics include, “Everybody’s things belong to Amber / Your husband and your pretty little home / So don’t be surprised if Amber breaks into your house / Just to give your man a little dome” and “Amber Guyger owns every apartment in this town.”

This tragedy obviously doesn’t need a song, especially from someone who thinks including the N-word in one of his videos is cute. If you can stomach it, watch below:

Guyger’s trial took a full seven days and stemmed from the tragic September 6, 2018, incident when she mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment after a long day at work as a Dallas police officer. She says she mistook Jean for a burglar and she ordered him not to move. Then, she shot him twice before realizing her devastating error. Jean was killed at age 26 while watching television and eating ice cream.

She was sentenced to ten years in prison but was facing up to 99 and many were outraged by the significantly shorter number. In many ways, the trial turned into a circus due to Jude Tammy Kemp, who received a wave of backlash when she hugged the former cop and gave her a Bible after she was sentenced. Kemp listed her Christian faith as a reason for her actions but admitted she had never hugged a convicted murderer or gave them a Bible in the past.

Just days after Guyger was found guilty of murder, key witness Joshua Brown was shot and killed on Oct. 3. Two out of three suspects were arrested with 22-year-old Thaddeus Green still reportedly being at large.

A tragedy all around and clearly not appropriate for a song by a N-word using YouTuber.


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