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Last night, on Halloween, there was reportedly a horrific shooting that has left at least four people dead and several others injured. The suspect is reportedly still at large.

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The shooting allegedly took place at a Halloween party in Orinda, California, which is about 17 miles from downtown San Francisco. According to the East Bay Times, officers arrived on the scene at 10:45 p.m. to an Airbnb rental.

The outlet reports, “When officers arrived, they found a party with more than 100 people in attendance, as well as four people who were pronounced dead at the scene and four others who suffered injuries, Cook said. No information was immediately available on victims’ gender or ages.”

The party was allegedly promoted as an Airbnb Mansion party by someone named “tonecapone300” who had the caption, “We going f*cking viral this weekend.” The Instagram account appears to be deleted but see an alleged screenshot below:

According to NPR reporter Johnny Stemps, the suspect is a Black man, “BREAKING 1 Nov 3:17 am EDT: The Contra Costa, CA sheriff’s department confirms a mass shooting at Orinda house party. Investigation ongoing. Reportedly at least 7 victims including fatals. Gunman, black male in orange hoodie, remains at large. #nprnewscast.”

There have been critiques from how the story is being handled getting little to no media coverage and not even the regular “thoughts and prayer” line. One user wrote, “Muthaf*ckahs took their ‘thoughts and Prayers’ back after they found out that party in Orinda where 4 people died was thrown by Black people. the response went from “gun control now” to “who rented a AIRBNB to these idiots?” Real fast after they found the flyer. YALL ARE TRASHHH!”

Here is reported video from police officers on the scene:

The shooting happened just days after another shooting at a Halloween party in Long Beach, California. Three people were killed and nine people were injured. reports, “Three men died, seven women were wounded and two men were wounded. The victims were between the ages of 20 and 49.”

That shooter, who is a male of an unknown race and had his face covered, is still on the run as well.


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