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Deionte “JR” Davis was killed by a security guard in at an apartment complex just outside Georgia State University‘s campus in Atlanta. Police officers investigating the killing have said the security guard killed the 24-year-old, who was staying with a friend at the complex but was not a student. However, no charges will be filed against the guard, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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Davis’ friend Ronald Myers told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “they were among a group of four friends who had been drinking at a birthday party earlier that morning, and they were returning to his apartment. While walking into the apartment building, they began bickering among themselves.”

Myers downplayed what came next.

“It was a minor argument among friends that was between us, and it was handled between us,” Myers explained. However, he said a security guard in the complex heard the commotion and followed them into the elevator. “When we got off the elevator, JR walked out of the elevator (by) himself, and (the security guard) still tackled JR,” Myers said.

In the 911 call, the security guard said Davis “was trying to fight a bunch of people, so we slowly got him into the elevator, and then (we) slowly got him toward the room. And then, he decided to fight, and he hit me in the face, hit all of his friends in the face and I put him onto the ground, and I think I knocked him unconscious.”

See a brief video of the incident below:

David was knocked unconscious during the fight and later died at the hospital. An autopsy reported that he died due to “compression of the chest.” The death was ruled a homicide by police.

AJC reports the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office “declined to pursue criminal charges.” DA spokesman Chris Hopper told that “an assistant district attorney spoke to police over the weekend and advised that they didn’t have enough evidence for a judge to issue the warrant.

Hopper stressed “in no way did we decline to pursue charges.” He said his office “would conduct its own investigation if charges were to be filed before deciding whether to prosecute. As a result, investigators are working to close the case with no charges being filed.”

The unidentified security guard said in a phone interview after Davis was killed, “The evidence that the police currently have showed me working in a professional manner.”

As of Tuesday, he was still an employee at Metro Security, the security company for the apartment complex.


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