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Mayor Pete Buttigieg is reportedly surging in the polls but there is one voting bloc he is not surging with — Black voters. His latest stunt surely isn’t going to help: using stock photos of Africans and featuring them on his campaign website. Sen. Kamala Harris had a pretty hilarious reaction.

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When asked about the photo, in between loud laughter, Harris said, “I don’t have words to describe that. I’m sure someone agrees that was a big mistake.”

Watch below:

Twitter has also had a field day with the photo.

In case you missed it, Mayor Pete’s campaign site featured a photo of Black woman and smiling child with the  caption, “comprehensive investment in the empowerment of black America.” The image and caption were used to promote Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan for African-Americans that covers voting rights, criminal justice, HBCUs and more. Only issue was, the picture was a stock image photograhed in Kenya.

See below:

“Buttigieg’s campaign confirmed to The Washington Post that the photo of the Kenyan woman was no longer on the page promoting the Douglass Plan, noting that it had been taken down in September during an update,” The Washington Post wrote on Monday. “A contracting firm had chosen the stock image while building the site without knowing that it was taken in Africa, according to the campaign.”

Buttigieg also got backlash last month when his team sent out a press release that claimed 400 Black South Carolinas supported him. There was a link to an article from HBCU Times that read, “There is one presidential candidate who has proven to have intentional policies designed to make a difference in the Black experience, and that’s Pete Buttigieg. We are over 400 South Carolinians, including business owners, pastors, community leaders, and students. Together, we endorse his Douglass Plan for Black America, the most comprehensive roadmap for tackling systemic racism offered by a 2020 presidential candidate.”

However, The Intercept discovered that two of the three Black politicians listed in the story did not actually endorse the Douglass Plan, and at least 40 percent of the other 400 people are white.

Mayor Pete is currently polling at zero percent with Black voters. He is reportedly spending $2 million for a media blitz in South Carolina to woo African-Americans.

Harris is also struggling with Black voters. She was only polling at 6 percent support from Black voters in South Carolina. Biden has 44 percent support from African-Americans in the state.


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