Letitia James alerted Pete Buttigieg about canceled flights during holidays months ago.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is to blame for airlines' cancellations as Southwest falters, Ohio Democrat Nina Turner said.

The initiative will help to improve the infrastructure in dozens of Black communities and potentially bring employment to those living in the areas.


Cory Booker is the latest to join a growing list of Congressional Black Caucus members endorsing their preferred 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Without the elusive endorsement of Barack Obama, it was unclear which Democratic candidate would be able to break out and beyond the rest of the pack.


Folks apparently feel extremely comfortable attacking Black women, especially within the Democratic party, but why?

Mike Bloomberg's racist legacy of stop and frisk galvanized Democrats against the former New York City mayor's debate debut in Las Vegas just days ahead of the Nevada Caucuses.


Twitter is annoyed with George Zimmerman and his latest lawsuit against Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg over tweets posted honoring Trayvon Martin's birthday.


Ryann Richardson breaks down the support, or lack thereof, that former Mayor Pete Buttigieg has received from Black voters.

The group of Black supporters seated prominently -- and strategically -- behind Mayor Pete as he delivered his victory speech at the Iowa Caucuses was seen as fishy to some reporters.


The Black and Hispanic staffers on Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign feel disrespected and disregarded.

Pete Buttigieg was interviewed during an event in South Carolina that was hosted by Charlamagne Tha God.