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Tomorrow will mark one-year since Emantic “E.J.” Bradford was killed at a mall in Alabama by police. Disturbingly, the police have not released the bodycam footage of the shooting and activists are still demanding answers.

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According to a press release from the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network, attorney Ben Crump, Alabama NAACP and the National Action Network will hold a press conference in Birmingham, Alabama “to demand transparency and justice one year after the unjustified killing of Emantic ‘EJ’ Bradford Jr.”

Also, they will be insisting that the bodycam footage be released.

On Nov. 22, a police officer shot Bradford, 21, while responding to a mall shooting. He reportedly gunned down the Army veteran on sight based on apparent instinctive and implicit racial bias. Police announced immediately after the killing that Bradford was the mall shooter before reversing course and admitting later that Bradford’s gun had actually not been fired.

In December, a private autopsy showed that the cop shot Bradford three times from behind. The revelation prompted Bradford’s family to renew demands for charges against the officer.

The investigation into the shooting was led by the State Bureau of Investigation and involved witness reports, cell phone videos taken by shoppers, mall surveillance video, bodycam video, text messages, and social media posts.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump filed a lawsuit against Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and the Hoover Police Department on behalf of Bradford’s parent in a county court, reported. The lawsuit accused Alabama of refusing to turn over critical evidence from its investigation of the cop who gunned down Bradford on Thanksgiving night.

According to The Washington Post, a February report from the state’s attorney general’s office says that the officer “reasonably exercised” his power to kill the man who also served his country.

WP also reported, “In the seconds-long chaos of that Thanksgiving night, the officer saw Bradford holding a gun, just feet away from a man who had just been shot. He saw the 21-year-old as ‘an immediate deadly threat to innocent civilians,’ the report says, even though Bradford never fired his gun.”

We truly hope the Bradford family gets justice.


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