The family of Henrietta Lacks, a Black woman whose cells were unlawfully used to make groundbreaking discoveries in medicine and science, have reached a private settlement deal with the biotech company, Thermo Fisher Scientific. 


Civil rights attorney Ben Crump was retained by former Northwestern University football players alleging abuse and racism in a larger pattern of hazing.

Little is known about the traffic stop that led to the 21-year-old Black man’s death in Memphis.

Activists in Chicago are calling for an investigation into Chicago Public Schools after they fired several Black principles. 

Race Matters

Social media videos show a "Karen" manager at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Toledo, Ohio, racially profiling two Black shoppers. Lamar Richards and Austin Greer had already spent $600 when cops were called.

Grier died after falling out of a patrol vehicle.

Autopsy findings reveal that Lashawn Thompson, whose dead body was found "infested" with insects at Fulton County Jail, was "killed" by neglect, lawyers say. The jail is notorious for its inhumane living conditions.

It’s been over 200 days since the death of Shanquella Robinson and her mother still doesn’t have the answers she deserves. 

Ben Crump has sued Morgan Stanley in a racial discrimination lawsuit on behalf of Anthony Fletcher, a Black recruiter who was terminated from the financial firm in March 2022.


Father of Dadeville victims joins the show to share his thoughts on what he describes has his biggest fear turned reality.  Ben Krump joins.

It’s been nearly five months since Robinson’s death in Mexico.

The announcement marks the 58th year since the civil rights icon was assassinated.