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Oklahoma police chief Johnny O’Mara accused a Starbucks employee of writing “pig” on his cup, which caused the employee to be fired. Now, there are reports he may have lied and even his own daughter is blasting him.

Caroline Orr, a reporter for the National Observer wrote on Twitter, “Wait so people started pointing out that it looked like the cop may have lied about the name ‘PIG’ being printed on his Starbucks order, and now suddenly — after going to the press with the story — the cops are done talking b/c they ‘have more important things to worry about.'”

See the post below:

Orr continued, “I mean if they had more important things to worry about, why’d they go to the press with a story about their Starbucks order in the first place? Seems like they thought this was pretty newsworthy until people started asking questions and pointing out potential inconsistencies.”

One user also called out a Tulsa, Oklahoma reporter for not acknowledging that the printed name always comes from the user’s Starbucks account, “Hi Amy if you did your due diligence as a reporter you would note that if the cup were turned just slightly you would have been able to tell it was a mobile order & the cop named himself ‘PIG’ to generate a false controversy, which you fell for, non-mobile orders are hand written.”

The user also claims people on the right have been pulling this stunt for awhile, see another example below:

The cop reportedly said he doesn’t have a Starbucks account.

To make matters even more strange, a woman claiming to be the daughter of the officer wrote on Twitter, “this is my father and i’d like to say that he is absolutely a pig and i’d like to thank the brave men and women from starbucks for their service.”

She also called him a racist, writing, “for the record, my father has 0 business being a police officer. he was blatantly, proudly racist when i was a kid. said things i would never repeat. he treats women like dogs, including his own daughter. oink oink”

Starbucks has fired the employee.


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