The case centered on the infamous 911 call that got two Black men arrested in Philadelphia.

Public Figures

Christian Walker's old tweet showing "love" for Kehlani contradicts his "mediocre singer" claim after their video confrontation at a Starbucks went viral.

Good News

Steph Curry has teamed up with a nonprofit dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap.

Businesswoman Mellody Hobson has been named chairwoman of Starbucks’ board of directors, making her the first Black woman to serve in the role.

The company faces backlash for their dress code.


Starbucks issues apology after law enforcement officers complain of mistreatment.

The Starbucks employee has been fired.


She claims the coffee chain had a vendetta against white employees.


It looks like the mandated diversity training for all Starbucks employees last year was paying off in some unexpected ways. That is, depending on who you ask.

Philadelphia's police commission rejected a report that blamed his officers for racial bias in the controversial Starbucks incident.

The Philadelphia Police Department announced a new policy of de-escalating confrontations with individuals accused of defiant trespassing on private business property.