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According to USA Today, Jackson State University spokesman L.A. Warren said an individual was shot in the leg on the north end of the campus. Neither the shooter nor the victim were students, according to authorities. Warren also said that the suspect vehicle hasn’t been on campus since the shooting was first reported.

Jackson State is a public historically Black university with an enrollment of around 7,000 students. On their website, the university describes itself as a “diverse, technologically-advanced four-year university steeped in history and committed to preparing its students to become global leaders.”

Original Story: 

On Wednesday, Jackson State University was briefly on lockdown because of a reported active shooter.

The university tweeted out at 12:39 p.m.:

“We have an active shooter on campus. The suspected shooter is in a black Honda Accord, license plate number MAC 0214. The entire campus community should take shelter immediately. The campus is currently on lock down. We will notify you when the situation is resolved.”


Seventeen minutes later the university posted another tweet saying the community was no longer under threat of an active shooter. “The JSU campus lock down has been lifted,” they tweeted. “The campus community is no longer under threat of an active shooter.”


It’s yet to be revealed if shots were fired or if anyone was injured.

More as this story is still developing.

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