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The recent assassination of Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force, has evoked fear among U.S. citizens mainly because of the dangerous and unpredictable territory the country has now entered. The President Donald Trump-ordered killing, which the U.S. government has deemed an act of self-defense, has resulted in a promise of “revenge” for “those criminals who have tainted their filthy hands with his blood and the blood of the other martyrs of last night’s incident,” per Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to The Washington Post.

The hit was carried out by the U.S. military by way of a drone attack near Baghdad International Airport.

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Black leaders are criticizing the president’s actions, which follows pro-Iranian militias’ recent attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad last week.

Sen. Cory Booker accused Trump of lacking a “strategic plan,” which as a result has shaken America’s stability and placed the country in imminent danger.

He also said in a CNN segment, “Let’s be clear, Soleimani has American blood on his hands. He has been involved in – ordered attacks that have cost American lives and wounded many of other soldiers,” he said. “This is somebody who is a bad person, but we also have to look at the larger strategic situation in that area. We have a president who has had a failure in his Iranian policy. Who has had no larger strategic plan and has made that region less stable and less safe – not only for Americans, but for other countries.”

Rep. Maxine Waters has demanded that Americans receive “better answers rather than dangerous disruption in the entire Middle East.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Kamala Harris acknowledged that although Soleimani was “an enemy of the U.S.” Trump’s “actions put more American lives at risk and could lead to a new war in the Middle East — with no plan for what happens next.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson, on the hand, is not surprised by what some have deemed the workings of a dictator, also calling out Trump’s potential motive for the assassination, which could stem from his looming impeachment. “It is predictable that @POTUS’ undiplomatic, unnecessary act of war without the approval Congress, is to divert attention from impeachment hearings,” Jackson said.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries has also accused Trump of trying to play both sides of the coin. “The President has spent years telling Americans not to believe the Intelligence community,” he tweeted. “He just lit a stick of dynamite in a volatile region based on information he claims to have received from that same Intelligence community. You can’t have it both ways Donald. in a volatile region based on information he claims to have received from that same Intelligence community. You can’t have it both ways Donald.”

Let us not forget Trump’s 2011 tweet about his predecessor Barack Obama which quite frankly could have been foreshadowing.


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