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Former Vice President Joe Biden has spoken candidly on being open to having Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, should he win the Democratic nomination. In fact, he spoke of his consideration for Harris in an interview with the Sacramento Bee last month. It’s clear that Biden wants Harris on his team, but she has yet to share her disposition on being a vice-presidential candidate. Much less, revealed who she will be endorsing for that matter. Instead, Harris is denouncing the rumors and has stated plainly that her focus is President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

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The rumor mill began buzzing on Friday when an alleged source close to Harris told CNN that she is considering endorsing Biden. The source suggested that Harris is leaning towards endorsing the former vice president because of her “desire for ideological and temperamental compatibility.”

“She wants to maintain her independence and her freedom around the positions that she takes,” the source said. “But she has a different style. She doesn’t believe in binary choices.”

The idea seemingly gained traction when she neither confirmed nor denied which candidate she will be backing. “I am talking to everyone and no one. I am talking to my team, I’m talking to my colleagues about this (impeachment) trial, that is my entire focus,” the California Democrat told CNN.

Meanwhile, during a recent interview with “Signal Boost with Zerlina & Jess” on SiriusXM, Harris made it clear that she meant what she said. “First of all, I have not made any decision on who I am endorsing. I have not made a decision about when I’m going to do that and frankly, I am not thinking about it right now,” Harris said.

She continued, “I am focused on my job, which is so much bigger…It is my responsibility – not just a job to be focused on this impeachment. And, that’s where my head is.”

Harris recounted her time as a Democratic Presidential candidate noting that her focus has been consistent. “I was very clear that during impeachment I would be here and I would be focused on performing that responsibility with complete and full commitment to the seriousness of the responsibility,” she added.

Diving deeper into the conversation of the impeachment trial, Harris commended the work done by the Democratic prosecution thus far, noting their obstacles where they have been “required and forced to present this case with one hand behind their back because of the rules that have been written so far, which is that we’re doing arguments before we’re hearing from witnesses that still need to be heard from.”

Harris added that the impeachment is not supposed to be “entertaining. This is a somber moment, where people should be focused on the facts and the evidence and not the drama of the moment or the sideshow.”


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