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People have been increasingly taking to Instagram Live in an effort to unify the world through everything from music to fitness to whatever other means they have to connect with folks amid widespread quarantining in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Dr. Umar Johnson has decidedly used the social media app to try to alienate white people while trying to appeal to his core following of hotep sympathizers.

The most recent example of that came Wednesday when the good doctor (who has been accused of soliciting funds to build a school for Black boys that most likely will never be built) recorded himself ranting about “home schooling” on Instagram Live when he noticed that there were some white people watching. His reaction? To call them “neanderthals.”

Johnson was in the middle of explaining to 640 viewers about his “block party” — which is his process for eliminating “the haters” from following him on social media — when he said he noticed white people watching.

“Why are there white folks on my live?” he asked while interrupting his spiel about how happy he gets when he blocks people on social media. “I don’t even know why that’s happening.”

The 28-second clip went viral for what happened next, though.

“This is only for Africans,” Johnson said, sounding agitated. “If you are not Black, this is not for you — get off my feed.”

He capped off his rant by adding: “You damn neanderthals!”

He then quickly pivoted back to his original “home schooling” topic as the video clip abruptly ends.

Watch the unfortunate episode unfold below.

“Neanderthals” wound up being among Twitter’s top trending topics Thursday morning because of the viral video that was only the latest in a series of what Bossip called his “most ridiculous” clips on the internet. That compilation of video clips just got longer with this latest addition.

It was just earlier this month when Johnson trained the camera on himself and went live on Instagram to tout his Black Singles Convention that he said would not allow any Black woman inside who did not have natural hairstyles. “Ladies, I’m not playing,” he said before laying out his rules: “no wave, no perm, no straightening comb, no European hair color. It is a nappy by nature singles convention.”

It was probably because of clips like these and the others that someone started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for a fight to “beat Dr Umar Johnson’s ass.” The crowdfunding effort was quickly taken down by the fundraising website, but not before people caught wind of it.

“Hello guys,” Truth Watson, a battle rapper from South Carolina who started the GoFundMe wrote on the page before it was deactivated. “For the last 6 or 7 months, I have been doing my research on Dr. Umar Johnson. And I am not happy with what I discovered. He is arrogant, he has buck teeth & he pretended to be on the phone with goons on an Instagram live.”

It continued, “After gathering all information, I decided that I am going to fly to wherever he is located and beat his ass. All donations are welcomed for flight/lodging. I will record the ass whoopin and upload it in real time. Remember ‘donate a piece of cash if you want me to beat his ass’.  thank you for the support.”

Dr. Umar has been at the center of much criticism and many controversies for his self-fulfilling prophecies. He once said queer people are a “conspiracy” to control the population. He argued, “single Black mothers” psychologically castrate their sons. He claimed light-skinned Black people aren’t really Black. Umar’s rants are often filled with calling other Black folks coons and dirty ni****s. The list of ridiculousness uttered from Dr. Umar is plentiful and at times, laughable. But most times, problematic.

Most recently, a video surfaced of Dr. Umar speaking on the qualifications one must meet in order to receive reparations. He said, “Before I give Black folks any type of resources for reparations, you cannot get reparations if you’re not with a Black woman. Anybody who’s dating out the race, do not get reparations. I’m being straight serious about that. You do not get any reparations if you do not live in a Black community,” adding, “you’re not getting reparations if you have a weave or a perm or blonde hair. Any type of European behavior, you don’t get reparations.”

Johnson has also announced that he will be going on a speaking tour amid the coronavirus pandemic despite the country being advised to stay home and avoid congregating in spaces with more than 10 people unless it is for essential purposes.

Johnson’s education — in particular, his doctorate degree — has also been scrutinized and he was forced to defend his professional legitimacy during a Pennsylvania state hearing in 2018. The man who some claim accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for the construction of a school that may never get built was accused of practicing psychology without a state license.

“I understand that it’s the state’s intent to say that every time I refer to myself as a psychologist that I am practicing beyond the limits or holding myself as something I am not,” he explained during the hearing. “… whenever I get interviewed, I always state specifically what I am – a certified school psychologist and doctor of clinical psychology.”

He continued: “Thereafter, I may refer to myself as a psychologist in conversation, but there is never a time when my credentials are not stated forthright.”

The self-proclaimed Prince of Pan Afrikanism doesn’t cease to amaze. After all, who could forget his legendary interview with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now in 2017?


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