Dr. Umar Johnson

Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson recently doubled down on his criticism of Kevin Samuels and how the relationship guru viewed Black women.

In a new 'Breakfast Club' interview, Dr. Umar Johnson gave his signature unfiltered opinion on Deion Sanders leaving Jackson State University.

Dr. Umar Johnson is denying implications from a viral video showing the psychologist who's against interracial relationships appearing with a white woman.

School psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson told the Breakfast Club that his school for Black boys - The Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy - could be "up and running" soon. But there's a catch.

As if the situation surrounding Donald Trump's case of the coronavirus couldn't get any less predictable, it turns out that the president's personal physician graduated from the same medical school as Dr. Umar Johnson.

Umar Johnson blessed made a Labor Day social media appearance to explain in two words why the school for Black boys that he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for years ago has never been built: "Quaker grits."

Dr. Umar Johnson is using Instagram Live for divisive purposes while the rest of the world uses the social media app to unite in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


A GoFundMe page has been created by a South Carolina battle rapper who has issues with Dr. Umar Johnson.

The self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism babbles again.

Umar Johnson was forced to defend his professional legitimacy during a Pennsylvania state Board of Psychology hearing.

Dr. Umar Johnson is the self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism, who once said queer people are a “conspiracy” to control the population. He argued “single Black mothers” psychologically castrate their sons. He claimed light-skinned Black people aren’t really Black. Umar’s rants are often filled with calling other Black folks coons and dirty ni****s. His ridiculous comments […]