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Tyler Perry honored with a Star

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Various accounts have been popping up on social media impersonating Tyler Perry or claiming to be associated with the media mogul as a way to obtain money. Now the 50-year-old writer, director and producer is speaking out.

Perry uploaded a video to his Instagram condemning scammers or people posing as him.

“Hate to come on and say this,” he started. “But I’m pretty annoyed and you know people are so wicked and so evil. And to think that they’re setting up all these fake sites asking you to send them money because I’m giving away thousands of dollars is just downright evil, downright wrong.”

Perry went on to say that he wishes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter would do a better job monitoring these fake accounts so they can be taken down. “Especially, at a time like this because no sooner than we report ten, there’s ten more that are popping up,” he said.

“Please, please, please, especially you know, people who have been supporting me all these years, times are hard; there tight right now. People are really, really struggling.”

Perry then told his fans not to believe the hype and fall for the scams. “Do not send anybody money thinking that I’m sending money,” he said. “Do not fall for that. Those are lies, they’re all fake sites. Listen to me, everything that I’m doing, and I’m doing a lot to help a lot of people, I’m not asking anybody for anything to do that. I think that to whom much is given much is required, so please do not fall for the fake sites.”

He continued, “You wanna know what i’m doing? Check out my verified sites, here, this Instagram, this Facebook,  this Twitter. Don’t fall for the foolishness guys. Can’t believe people can be this wicked but they are. I promise you they will reap what they sow so don’t fall for it.”


Perry has been playing his part in relief efforts for the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, he paid off grocery bills for elderly and high-risk shoppers at 73 stores throughout Atlanta and New Orleans, according to CBS News.

He’s also been trying to uplift spirits on social media via his #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge, where singers can perform and post their rendition of the church standard “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”. Well known singers such as Fantasia and Tori Kelly have already participated.


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