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Many colleges and universities throughout the country have pivoted to virtual courses and are using Zoom as a platform to stay connected amid the public health crisis. A group of Spelman College students were in for a surprise when actress Tracee Ellis Ross joined their virtual meeting, Blavity reported.

The Zoom call included over 100 students who are a part of the Atlanta-based HBCU’s English and honors programs. Ross, the Emmy award-nominated actress best known for her roles on the television series Girlfriends and Black-ish, joined the call to talk about her journey in the entertainment industry and provide words of encouragement and hope during this unprecedented time. One of the topics she discussed was the power of authenticity. She also spoke about the need for more representation in entertainment. “I love being a part of this ever-growing chorus of Black women owning our legacies, and owning our stories and owning our experiences,” Ross told the students. “I feel honored for this moment to be brought into your journey and your path. I hope to see you on the world stage.”

After the meeting, Ross took to Instagram to share how excited she was to connect with the Spelman students. “Seeing your faces lit me up and filled my heart,” she posted. “I can’t wait to be able to visit the campus when we can all be together for real!”

The interaction was a beacon of light for the students in the midst of the pandemic. The New York Times reported the institution recently celebrated its first virtual Founders Day to commemorate the anniversary of the college’s establishment. “Listening to the dazzling quilt of voices, visual images and music that make up the Founders Day video, I can see and hear the power of their will to do whatever it takes to shape the college into what it needs to be,” wrote Spelman College President Mary Schmidt Campbell. “As we plan the months and years ahead, there is no question, we will need to call on every ounce of that power, willfulness and imagination.”


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