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Santa Claus is coming to town tonight, so NewsOne decided to help him out by making a list (and checking it twice) tell him who’s been naughty and nice this year. So which newsmakers deserve gifts, and which have a lump of coal to look forward to? Check out the list below to find out.


Chris Brown – He beat up Rihanna in February, and has since shown little remorse. Instead he’s been tweeting complaints about stores not carrying his album … because clearly Chris is the victim in all this.

Joe & Jermaine Jackson – Between Joe shilling DVDs on the BET Awards’ red carpet days after Michael’s death and Jermaine’s reality show preening and on-again, off-again “tribute concert,” these two were a case study in shamelessly reaping benefits from the death of a loved one.

Michael Steele – He justkeepstalking.

Lil Mama – A picture is worth a thousand words:


Tiger Woods – Tiger was very naughty this year, at least 14 times over. Maybe a nice lump of coal will teach him to keep it in his pants.


Alicia Keys – Sure she may have sort of stolen someone’s husband, but she’s also been doing great work to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa. So, we’ll let that whole Swizz Beatz thing slide.

Barack Obama – It was a bumpy first year, but he kept the country from sliding into a second Great Depression and has brought us closer than ever to real health care reform. Not bad.

Janet Jackson – Since her brother died this summer, Janet has not only gracefully dealt with the loss while in the public eye, but has stepped up to help care for Michael’s children. In short, she’s acted nothing like Joe or Jermaine.

Mo’Nique – Her Oscar-worthy performance in “Precious” was a welcome and much-needed reminder that fair-skinned waifs aren’t the only talented women in Hollywood.

T.I. – While he did serve time in prison this year, T.I. made strides toward redeeming himself before his sentence began by reaching out to troubled kids and trying to get them back on the right track.