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Waffle House social distancing arrest

Source: ABC7 Los Angeles

A crowd in Fresno, California, stood against an officer who was trying to enforce social distancing rule, and aside from the mild handling of one guy, there wasn’t a hint of the brutality Black people have been facing in places like New York.

According to ABC 7, cops released the body camera footage of the confrontation between the officer and the crowd of angry patrons at the Waffle Shop restaurant. The venue has already been warned and fined $1,000 for remaining open in defiance of closure orders by the state and city to alleviate the spread of the coronavirus.

On Sunday, the officer arrived at the cite to enforce Code Enforcement, but the small crowd would not budge. They convened at the front of the doors, blocking the entrance. Many of them were not wearing masks and they weren’t standing six feet apart.

The officer tries to make his way through the patrons, calmly requesting that they “make way,” however, several of them continue to block his path. One woman even has the gull to yell, “They don’t have to let you in.”

This is a complete contrast to how Black people have been treated in places like New York City where many graphic videos have been released, showing cops brutalized groups of Black people who weren’t social distancing.

Eventually, at the Waffle House, the officer makes an arrest of a man and leads him out to the parking lot. No punches, no wrestling to the ground. No multiple officers needed for the arrest. Meanwhile, the various members of the crowd continue to yell and curse at the cop. The footage from the incident ends when the man is brought back to the officer’s vehicle.

Initially, Fresno Police Chief Andy Hall said he was concerned about the incident because he gave clear instructions to the officers not to make any arrests or to take enforcement actions related to the shelter in place order.

He said he referred the officer’s moves to Internal Affairs, however, after a full review of the incident, the cheif said it appeared the officer acted lawfully. It appeared that the person who was detained was obstructing the officer, however, the man was released at that time without charges.

Must be nice.

Fresno City Councilmember Garry Bredefeld seemed to be backing the crowd of people when he held a press conference to address the incident. He, along with the owner of the store Ammar Ibrahim, called for Mayor Lee Brand and the city of Fresno, to end the shelter-in-place order after the Sunday incident


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