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‘Tis the season for miracles, and after the year of news we’ve had we could use some holiday cheer. Though Santa has already made his rounds, there’s still the entire day left for a few magical happy endings to fall into our collective laps. Here’s what we’re wishing for this Christmas at NewsOne:

Wish #5We wish, hope, and pray that there are no more Tiger Woods mistresses, or that if there are, they choose to remain silent now and forevermore. The mistress count is pretty far gone already — things started to feel rather awkward around 12 — but this wish is still 100% sincere. Better late than never, right? If the parade of other women finally comes to a solid halt, maybe Tiger and Elin can sort out their issues and the rest of us can move on to judging someone more interesting.

Wish #4 – We wish, hope, and pray that we make it to the end of 2009 without any more celebrity deaths. Technically that’s only seven days. But after the overwhelming number of famous figures who died this summer — Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy, Farrah Fawcett — and losing Brittany Murphy and Alaina Reed Hall-Amini in just the past few days, we know that when it rains, it really pours. One quiet week in which everyone stays alive would be a great way to close out the year.

Wish #3 – We wish, hope, and pray that the unemployment rate begins to drop. While everyone is suffering and struggling to find jobs due to the poor economy, Black Americans have been hit especially hard. For the sake of our community, the growth of the Black middle class, and the future of our children, here’s hoping things turn around soon.

Wish #2 – We wish, hope, and pray that somehow the public option finds its way into the final incarnation of the health care bill. The House version has a government-run insurance option, while the Senate version does not. If the public option makes it into the merged draft of the bill that will be signed into law, then a key component of health care reform will have been saved.

Wish #1 – We wish all of our readers and their loved ones a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays from NewsOne!


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