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I know the term ghetto isn’t politically correct, but I couldn’t think of a better term. These news clips shouldn’t make Black people look bad, but they sure make Black people interesting. These clips do not represent African Americans as a whole, but a hilarious slice of life that we can all be amused by.

10. Reporter Turns Ghetto. Black people have to be bi-lingual. This newscaster turns from proper newsman to angry “ghetto” newsman after a bug flies in his mouth.

9. Cam’ron Debates Bill O’Reilly. Who does Fox News get to represent Hip Hop in a debate about the influence of Hip Hop on the youth? KRS-1, Chuck D? Nope Cam’ron, the king of ignorant crack rap. This debate quickly turns into an infantile argument between two big kids. Maybe Cam’ron should introduce his idea of more parent teacher conferences to Obama’s education team.

8.Whistle Tip Mufflers. In Oakland they were making special mufflers that made loud screeching noises. They decided to interview Bub Rubb and Lil Sis about them. Wooooop Wooooop.

7. Thuggin It And Loving It. A group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana made a DVD that highlighted the city’s criminal element. The local news quickly picked up on all the guns and negativity that the DVD promoted.

6. Leprechaun In The Hood. No this isn’t a movie starring Ice-T. Some people in Mobile, Alabama thought they saw a leprechaun, but in all honesty, it could’ve been a crackhead.

5. Gucci Mane Home Invasion. Gucci Mane’s manager tries to take advantage of the fact that Gucci killed someone to promote his single “Icey,” while Gucci tries to show his innocence with a Martin Luther King t-shirt. I sincerely doubt that Gucci Mane was part of MLK’s dream.

4. Beauty School Beat Down. When a man tried to rob a beauty school he gets beat down with curling irons in Shrevesport, Louisiana.

3. Spike Lee Like Dick (Pause). When Spike Lee said he liked a Knick player named Dick, Gus Johnson used the Dipset influenced slang term, “pause,” which is meant to make sure a statement that could be perceived as homosexual, in fact doesn’t mean anything homosexual at all.

2. 29-Year-Old Has 21 Kids By 11 Women. The headline is self explanatory.

1. 7-Year-Old Steals Grandma’s Car. Latarian Milton stole his grandma’s car, because he was mad at his mom. He told reporters that “it was fun to do bad things” and that he enjoyed “doing hoodrat stuff with my friends.


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