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A bizarre confrontation at a Texas restaurant between a UFC star and a man described as “elderly” became violent and took a racist turn for the worse even though everybody involved was white.

Mike Perry, a welterweight fighter with the UFC, was shown on a video having a heated argument with an older man after being escorted out of a restaurant following an argument in the city of Lubbock Tuesday night. Apparently, Perry was raging mad because the man was “touching” him. As the two men continue arguing in the doorway oof Table 82, Perry taunts him, calling him a “fat piece of shit” and dared restaurant management and onlookers recording the spectacle to call the police.

As both men turned up the aggressive rhetoric, Perry eggs on the old man before taking a huge swing and knocking him unconscious with a mammoth punch to his face.

The video continued rolling as the fight spilled outside of the restaurant and people tried to calm Perry down. That’s when he started spouting off with the N-word, repeatedly lacing his angry speech with the racial slur even though he did not appear to be speaking to any Black person in particular.

Watch the unfortunate video below.

TMZ reported that “Perry is known to casually throw the [N-word] around in daily conversation.” Claiming to have seen the police report, the celebrity gossip site added that a witness said the old man slammed his head on the concrete after being punched. Perry reportedly told cops that the old man was “putting hands on me as I was trying to leave the building.” Amazingly, no arrests were reported in the incident despite the old man being hospitalized with memory problems. A witness also told police that Perry assaulted a woman earlier in the evening at his table inside the restaurant.

While the contents of the video are certainly troubling and will likely produce criminal and civil cases for Perry, perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that not a single person seen in the video was wearing a mask either inside or outside of the restaurant. Texas on Wednesday set a single-day record for COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths as the state is one of several that has seen a significant spike in recent days, according to the Dallas News. That surge of coronavirus infections had been taking place before Perry and his entourage decided to dine out without wearing any persona protective equipment to protect against the spread of the virus.

So far there has been no response from the UFC.

This is America.


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