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William "Roddy" Bryan, suspected accessory to Ahmaud Arbery's killing

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The man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery‘s shooting, William “Roddie” Bryan, is currently the subject of a child molestation investigation, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI, tweeted about a “sex crimes” investigation in mid-July, however, they didn’t specify the accusations.

“On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the Glynn County Police Department requested that the GBI initiate a sex crimes investigation based on allegations made against William ‘Roddie’ Bryan, Jr,” the GBI tweeted on July 17. “The investigation is active and ongoing.”

The GBI later tweeted, “After further discussions with the Glynn County Police Department, it was determined that the Camden County Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction in this case. The official request for the GBI investigation came from Camden County SO.”

On Tuesday, First Coast News reported that they obtained the face sheet of the investigation, “which lists the incident type as child abuse/molestation.” The incident is described as taking place in Camden County, Georgia and the victim is described as a white female. A spokesperson for the GBI explained that no further details or documents are available as of now because the investigation is still ongoing.


On July 17, Bryan pleaded not guilty to all nine counts against him in the Arbery case, including malice and felony murder. It was during this hearing that the Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes shed light on the sex crime investigation, which was discovered in the course of the investigation for the Arbery case.

According to First Coast News, Gregory and Travis McMichael — the father and son duo caught on camera pursuing a jogging Arbery with guns, which ultimately resulted in his fatal shooting — also plead not guilt to nine charges against them, including malice murder.

When Bryan filed the motion to request bond, Arbery’s mother gave an emotional plea during the court hearing.

“He [Bryan] wants this court to allow him to go home,” Wanda Cooper-Jones said. “I am asking this court to say no, he cannot go home. He didn’t allow my son to go home. I stand before you as the mother of Ahmaud asking this court to give Mr. Bryan the same energy as he gave my son.”

Cooper-Jones further stated that Bryan “conspired” with the McMichaels to kill Arbery. She explained that Bryan and the McMichaels lived feet from where her son was killed and she lived a couple miles from there. She told the court that she was “scared to stay inside her home,” and her home is now up for sale. She added that she’s afraid of encountering the suspects every time she visited the spot where her son was killed.

“What is there to stop him from doing this again? He doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with what he has done,” Cooper-Jones explained. “He is dangerous and unapologetic.”

Bryan’s attorney, Kevin Gough, argued that his client wasn’t a threat to the community and Bryan’s son argued that his father was missing job opportunities.

The State didn’t agree with Bryan’s lawyer, arguing that Bryan used his truck as a weapon against Arbery. The judge also said that Bryan used the N-word and other racial slurs frequently, according to phone records. Finally, the judge argued that Bryan could be a flight risk, considering his ex-wife lives in Costa Rica. His bond was denied as the sex crime investigation and murder case continues.


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