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Cuba Gooding Jr. arrives to Criminal Court

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Amid a criminal trial on sexual abuse and forcible touching accusations, actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. now faces an additional accusation of rape in a new lawsuit.

According to Page Six, a woman filed the suit under the pseudonym Jane Doe and she is accusing Gooding of raping her twice in a SoHo hotel room in the summer of 2013.

The woman said the assault occurred after she met the “Jerry Maguire” actor in the VIP section of a Greenwich Village Lounge in August of that year.

According to the graphic suit, the two of them chatted at the lounge before Gooding invited her for drinks at the Mercer Hotel. The two took a taxicab to the party spot in the heart of SoHo.

When they arrived, Gooding told the woman to accompany him to his room at the hotel so he could change his clothes, according to the suit.

While in the room, Gooding played music by Mumford & Sons and started to undress, despite the woman telling him that she wanted to leave and go to the bar downstairs.

“Plaintiff was wearing a halter top dress that evening. Defendant finished taking off his clothes (he was now completely naked) and forcibly and without consent put one hand in her halter top to touch Plaintiff’s breasts and one hand up her dress,” says the suit.

Gooding then allegedly started groping the woman while she told him “no” several times. Then, the actor allegedly raped the woman vaginally and anally.

Following the assault, the woman rushed “downstairs in order to meet her friend, and hurriedly left the hotel room,” according to the suit. For the alleged assault, the victim is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.

As mentioned before, Gooding is already facing a criminal trial on six misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching that steam from the allegations of three people.

Gooding was first called out after he allegedly squeezed a 30-year-old woman’s breasts in June 2019 at the Moxy Hotel in Times Square. Not too long afterwards, two additional accuser came forward.

He was arrested again and charged with pinching the buttocks of Tao Downtown server Natasha Ashworth in October 2018. He was also charged with subjecting a woman to “sexual contact without consent” at LAVO Nightclub on the Upper East Side a month earlier. Gooding has denied the allegations with his attorney, Mark Heller, saying they’re “completely false. No complaint was lodged seven years ago.”

In total, Gooding has been accused of groping 30 women, according to Manhattan prosecutors.

Gooding’s trial has already been somewhat of a spectacle. When he arrived to the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday for a hearing, he wore a mask with “Black Lives Matter” printed on the inside, according to Page Six. He flashed the message to reporters as he entered the court building.

Then, during the trial, Gooding’s lawyer tried to argued that the Moxy Hotel victim’s “low self-esteem” about her breast size could affect her perception. Gooding’s lawyer, Peter Toumbekis, also talked about the victim’s “blog post” describing her interest in a “menage a trois rather than in monogamous relationships,” as if that had anything to do with sexual abuse.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Gooding and his representatives have yet to release a statement about the rape allegations in the new lawsuit.


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