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The new year has come and like many folks, my number one resolution is to lose weight. Between my new job, traveling and writing, I started relying more on happy hour with co-workers to relieve stress, rather than hitting the treadmill. I finally admitted to myself that it was time to get it tight and right for 2010, when I reached for my favorite dress ― a strapless corset sheath dress ― and that puppy wouldn’t zip up.

But not everyone was so supportive of my desire to lose 15 pounds.

– “You don’t want to lose that much; black men like a big booty. You want a man right?”

– “Kellee, don’t forget that you are black. We are not meant to be skinny”

– Or my personal favorite: “Girl, I like my women thick.” (Dude, I am not your woman.)

Since when does wanting to have a consistent workout regimen and eating vegetables make me a race traitor? When did I say I wanted to morph into a black Kate Moss? And since when does a man finding me physically appealing trump me wanting to be healthy?

Perhaps I missed that memo when I was taking a boxing class.

It’s not like I mind a little jiggle or even a little cellulite, but in order for me to keep my curves, I have to work out and eat right. When is the last time you saw a woman with an hourglass figure and a muffin top?

That’s what I thought.

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