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Lindsey Graham on Fox News 3/28/2021

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In case there was ever any confusion about the way Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham feels on the topic of race, let the record reflect his commentary from a Fox News appearance on Sunday morning.

During his interview with Chris Wallace on topics that spanned the gamut of the past week’s news, Graham spoke both in plain language as well as in coded dog-whistling about Georgia’s new controversial law that restricts voting access, President Joe Biden‘s response to that law, his proud ownership of an AR-15 and the House’s bill to expand voting rights.

If there was one commonality between what Graham said, it was his commitment to upholding racist ideals.

First, in response to Biden calling Georgia’s new voter suppression law “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” Graham took umbrage, and then some. When asked if he thought Republicans were going too far by pushing legislation that makes it harder for the average citizen to vote — laws that would disproportionately affect Black people — Graham deflected to Biden, whom he had the audacity of accusing of “playing the race card.”

(Of course, simply citing a non-existent “race card” is a go-to defense for and hallmark of people accused of being racist or supporting racism. Especially when the said race card is being used by the president with the most diverse Cabinet in history, including the first Black vice president…)

Graham then continued his purported self-defense by complaining of being labeled a racist.

“Every time a Republican does anything, we’re a racist. If you’re a white conservative, you’re a racist. If you’re a Black Republican you are either pop or uncle Tom,” Graham dog-whistled. But it was his next words that really betrayed his inner truth: Graham called HR-1 — the House bill that expands voting rights — “sick” in comparison to “what they’re doing in Georgia.”

In other words, Graham openly supports a law that will adversely affect Black people’s voting ability instead of one that would have the opposite effect.


Speaking of indefensible reasons for self-defense, Graham also proudly discussed his treasured AR-15 — the weapon preferred by mass shooters, data shows — and used loaded language to justify having one.

The sitting U.S. Senator imagined an inexplicable scenario in which he would neither have the privilege of taxpayer-funded government security nor police responding to a hypothetical “natural disaster in South Carolina where the cops can’t protect my neighborhood.”

But then Graham went there, expressing his preparation of a “gang” coming to his home — “because I can defend myself.”

Can anyone care to guess what Graham’s “gang” looks like?

Graham, who appears to desperately want to be liked, tried to come off as sympathetic to Georgia’s new voting law, claiming that it “doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.” But, then again, he also said HR1 was “sick” compared to Georgia’s law.

This is America.


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