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More questions remain regarding the death of Mikayla Miller, a 16-year-old queer Black teen who was found dead in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, on April 18.

On May 21 Mikayla’s supporters plan to march to Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan’s office to call for her resignation and to pressure law enforcement to turn the case over to the FBI because of Ryan’s mishandling, the Telgram & Gazette reports. The march, hosted by Violence In Boston, will take place days after Mikayla’s one-month death anniversary.

Ryan initially claimed Mikayla’s death was the result of a suicide, but reversed course to announce the investigation was ongoing. Law enforcement officials have released little details due to Mikayla being a minor.

Mikayla’s death is particularly striking as lynching accusations surround her death. Advocacy groups, including Mikayla’s family, believe she was targeted and beaten to death by a group of white teens prior to a jogger discovering her body.

Numerous calls for an independent investigation have rung from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and local organizers.

Mikayla’s mother Calvina Strothers voiced her frustration on a GoFundMe page, accusing local law enforcement authorities of exhibiting lack of care in the face of experiencing the worst heartbreak in her life.

Strother wrote “instead of answers, the response from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police and the Hopkinton Police has been the exact opposite: disrespect, slammed doors, misdirection, glaring inconsistencies, extreme confusion, and ultimately, silence. The only thing these authorities have proved since April 17th is that they are completely incapable of properly investigating this case.  We demand an independent investigation. Mikayla and our family deserve so much better. ”

“The current investigation is ONLY occurring due to our family’s persistence, pressure and demands for transparency.  Your support has been so helpful in our fight for accountability,” she continued.

Strothers described her daughter as a beautiful soul who enjoyed sports and set her sights on attending a HBCU to pursue a career in journalism.

Earlier this month hundreds gathered at a vigil to pay homage and renew their fight for justice in her death.


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