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Floyd Ray Roseberry, Library of Congress would-be bomber

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Washington D.C.’s Capitol Police found themselves in a tense standoff on Thursday afternoon around 2 p.m. as a man with a pickup truck threatened to bomb places at and around the U.S. Capitol. He was apprehended parked outside the Library Of Congress after uploading a video to Facebook under the name Ray Roseberry.

Here is what we know about the suspect.

Floyd Ray Roseberry is a resident of Grover, a small town located in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Authorities say he had propane tanks in his vehicle and he posted a live video on Facebook demanding to speak with President Joe Biden or he would set off bombs he had placed in the truck. Facebook has since deleted the video and his account.

In the video he ranted about his freedoms being taken away and that he was willing to die for the cause, as shown by a video tweeted by HuffPost reporter Ryan J. Reilly.


Officials did not immediately provide a motive.

In his video, Roseberry used dogma language reminiscent of the same rhetoric used leading up to the January 6th Capitol riots, when Trump Supporters violently attacked America and tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election. He claimed to be an American Patriot,” and mentioned his disdain for illegal Mexicans, as well as immigrants from Afghanistan.” He also complained about superstar athletes getting healthcare, but he was left without treatment for his injured back. His videos eventually escalate into him daring Joe Biden to shoot his truck so he could be the catalyst to a revolution. “The revolution is on,” he said “It’s here. It’s today.” took screenshots of a few of Roseberry’s Facebook posts before his account was taken down; one of which was a shared video from Donald Trump Jr. blaming President Biden’s foreign policy for the unrest in Afghanistan.

Although his actions haven’t been received well amongst right-wing talking heads, his cause eerily resonates with a lot of white voters who believe the government is infringing on their civil liberties. As we see anti-vaxxers throw tantrums over mask mandates in schools or vaccination mandates in the private sector, a lot of white people in the South and Midwest are upset. Some of them feel even more empowered after the Jan 6th riot at the Capitol and hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of that empowerment manifesting into more tragedy.


Facts about Floyd Ray Roseberry:

1. Floyd Ray Roseberry is from Cleveland County, North Carolina.

2. He drove to Washington DC, from North Carolina to threaten the Library of Congress and its surrounding buildings with a car bomb.

3. He demanded to see Joe Biden and dared the Capitol Police to shoot him so the revolution would start.

4. His Facebook page was filled with patriotic photos, gifs, and other forms of content.

5. He attended and posted from the “Million MAGA March.”

6. Authorities have not released an official motive for the crime.

This is a developing story that will be updated as additional information becomes available.


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