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They say a bad apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it came from, and the same can definitely be said for 49-year-old Wade Oscar Twiner and his 23-year-old son Lane Irvine Twiner.

The father and son duo from Mississippi were recently sentenced to four years in prison on hate crime charges of simple assault and malicious mischief after they chased down and shot at two Black teenagers on a country road in Yazoo County.

As AP News reports it, the Black teens were riding ATVs on a country road last year on Sept 27, close to where Wade and Lane live. According to Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Joseph Head, the two men proceeded to get in a pickup truck and chase the teens while firing gunshots at them from what investigators believe was a 9 mm handgun they uncovered that night.

More backstory on the crime and resulting conviction below, via AP:

“Yazoo County Sheriff Jake Sheriff told WLBT the Twiners said they own land on both sides of the public road and they should not have to deal with people riding ATVs on the road. Although operating ATVs on public roads is illegal in Mississippi, the law is not strictly enforced. The sheriff said other people were riding ATVs near the Twiners’ home the day they chased and shot at the Black teenagers.

Sheriff told the Clarion Ledger investigators looked at social media posts made by one of the Twiners, including a Facebook post with the phrase “Redneck Neighborhood Watch” and a photo of a Confederate flag.

Until mid-2020, the Confederate battle emblem was part of the Mississippi state flag. Legislators retired that state flag amid criticism that the Confederate symbol is widely considered racist.”

One of the teenagers assures they weren’t even trespassing since they were on the road and not close to the Twiners’ property. While Mississippi state law does prohibit off-road vehicles like ATVs on highways and public roads, we all can agree that these kids didn’t deserve to have their lives put at risk for doing so while minding their own business.


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