Mississippi State Auditor Shad White proposed cutting funding for "garbage fields" like African American Studies and Women's Studies.

A Mississippi cop is out of a job after arresting Quantavious Eason, a 10-year-old Black boy for peeing behind his mother’s car. 

This is America, and this is its "justice" system.

A mostly white jury will decide the fate of Brandon Case and his father, Gregory Charles Case, white men who chased and shot at FedEx driver D’Monterrio Gibson, a Black man making deliveries in Mississippi.

Six ex-Mississippi police officers pleaded guilty to torturing Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker.

As many discuss the now-viral K-9 attack over in Ohio recently, we look at how our history with police dogs has been far from heaven. The post Trucker Attacked By Ohio Police Dog Is A Sad Reminder Of Bloodhounds In Black History appeared first on Black America Web.

Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker were tortured and sexually assaulted.

House Bill 1020 will allow the state to create a separate justice system.

Anthony Fox was convicted of beating a 62-year-old Black man to death.

Six Mississippi cops are accused of beating and sexually assaulting Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Parker. 

The family of Andrew Bankhead, the ex-cop who allegedly shot and killed Cornelius McGee, claim Bankhead is innocent.