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Listen: There is already an exhaustingly long list of things Black people can’t do without white people coming to mind our business.

We can’t walk down streets in predominately white neighborhoods; we can’t shop; we can’t chill at the park; we can’t hang flags in from of our own homes; and now, we can’t be journalists live on the air reporting on a Category 4 hurricane that landed in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Y’all weren’t ready for that last one, were you? Well, I’ll explain.

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On Monday, MSNBC correspondent Shaquille Brewster was braving the weather in Mississippi in order to report on the impact of Hurricane Ida there.

Suddenly, a white pickup truck pulls up.

Now, if you’re Black, a pickup truck pulling up in Mississippi is already cause for alarm. There’s no historical data to back this up, but I’m pretty sure nine out of every 10 lynching stories in Mississippi started with a pickup truck pulling up on a Black man. Pickup trucks are to racist white people what Dodge Challengers are to Black men in Atlanta.

Anyway, a white man can be seen on camera getting out of the truck and charging towards Brewster and his cameraman shouting something about them needing to “report on this accurately” because, for whatever reason, this white man appears to be afraid some “fake news” reporter is about to lie and say the unvaccinated hurricane committed an act of police brutality and it’s all Trump’s fault. (I’m just guessing here.)

You can tell Brewster’s “crazy white man” alert started sounding off the second Great Value Al Bundy started charging towards him because, without even missing a beat, he sidestepped the man and the camera pivoted along with him so he could continue his report.

But because there’s nothing a belligerent and entitled Caucasian can’t stand more than being ignored, Dollar Store Alec Baldwin felt the need to get up in Brewster’s face and continue to rant about him doing accurate reporting just as the newscaster was ending his report early and turning the feed over to anchor Craig Melvin because the white man just wouldn’t shut up and stop interrupting the broadcast.

“Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,” Melvin said. “We’re going to check in with Shaq Brewster just to make sure all is well. There is a lot of crazy out there. There is a lot of crazy!”

Whew chile, the trailer park.

According to The Daily Beast, Melvin later confirmed that no off-camera lynchings happened and Brewster was just fine. It’s unclear if Brewster hit Party City Dick Cheyney with hands, feet and a can of Twisted Tea after the camera was off of him. Probably not, but one can hope.

“You probably saw or heard a few moments ago, one of our correspondents was disrupted by some wacky guy during his live shot there in Mississippi,” Melvin said. “Pleased to report that Shaquille Brewster is just fine. Shaq is okay.”

Meanwhile, the Gulfport Police Department asked for the public’s help identifying the rabid white man, and on Monday, the department confirmed he’d been identified without releasing his name.


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