Race Matters

Students and alumni are calling for Lincoln University-Missouri's president to be fired.

Houston security guard David Tupper was recorded while hurling racist slurs at Denishia Lewis over a traffic incident. Now he's under investigation.

Connecticut Karen couple Robert Shaw and Sherri Bourgeois-Williams of Middletown, Connecticut, were arrested after a video showed them harassing Puerto Rican landscaper Jose Martin.

North Dakota man Gerald Knorr, who was seen wearing a "White Lives Matter More" shirt, was arrested on terrorism charges for harassing a Black family with his dog.

A white man named Kenny Bomer shown on video threatening to "whip" a Black man with his "belt" said he's actually a Muslim Black Lives Matter activist, but no one seems to believe him.

A white couple in a Las Vegas casino is shown on a viral video attacking a nonviolent Black man with racial slurs and other hateful speech. Where's a folding chair when you need one?

A viral video shows a racist white man and alleged pedophile harassing a Mexican vendor, prompting the community to protest and the police to intervene with an unexpected twist.

Mark Taylor, a coach in Georgia, filmed himself using racist language about Black people while driving around Atlanta. The video has since gone viral.

Brandon James Bentley had guns, plenty of ammo and more weapons on NC A&T's campus. Students were told a week later.

Brandon James Bentley, a heavily armed white man, was quietly arrested last week on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University. The arrest comes more than a year after dozens of HBCUs were targeted by bomb threats.

Two Florida white men were sentenced for a hate crime after their racially-motivated ax attack against a Black man in Citrus Springs.


Collier Gwin, the man on viral video spraying water on a homeless woman in San Francisco, defended his actions and said he'd do it again.