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One of the biggest debates to arise from the global pandemic has been the topic of paying rent during a time when many have been furloughed from work or fired altogether.

We recently came across news of a landlord that found himself at a crossroads of either keeping his business afloat or having a heart for a tenant he hadn’t received rent from in two years. Surprisingly, he ended up choosing both options.

In a video that’s since gone viral on Facebook titled “Tenant Has Not Paid Rent For 2 Years,” a Black real estate businessman named Welby Accely of WA Property Projects Inc. posted an 8-minute-long clip where he explains the situation, records himself helping to remove the tenant’s stuff from his unit and then surprisingly drives her to a hotel where he proceeds to pay $1,200 for her three-week stay.

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While his attitude about evicting her is very stern and matter-of-fact, especially being that rent hadn’t been paid since even before the pandemic hit, he ultimately chooses to “do right by her” in his own words by going above what arguably any landlord would’ve done in a similar situation.

On top of fronting the hotel bill and providing a personal moving service, he also gave her $400 to eat with and extending his initial plan to only pay for two weeks and making it three on the spot. In addition to that, the golden-hearted hero even offers to help out further if she ends up needing more time to get back on her feet.

Halfway through the clip is where the tears start to flow, as the woman appears to off-camera drop her head in shame, to which her now ex-landlord says, “Pick your head up. You’re a wonderful woman [and] sh*t happens,” amongst other words of encouragement.

Watch the inspiring video below, which proves that people can always find a way to surprise you when you least expect it or even deserve it, to be honest, and let us know your stance on the current #CancelRent debate:


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