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The defense attorneys for the white men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery are still bound and determined to put the victim on trial for his own death, despite the fact that the judge keeps telling them it ain’t happening. They’ve asked that Arbeyy’s mental health records be admitted into evidence. Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley said no. They’ve requested that a jury hears about Arbery’s past run-ins with the law. The judge said no. Now, attorneys for Greg and Travis McMichael are scraping the bottom of the “See, the Black guy’s a thug” barrel and are arguing the jury should know that Arbery was on probation on the day of his killing.

Hopefully, the judge will also answer this latest request with the same energy: “Oh my God, dude, the answer is nooooooo!”

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the defense is arguing that allowing Arbery’s probation into evidence might explain why he ran from the McMichaels and William “Roddie” Bryan Jr.,—who, by the way, are not law enforcement officers with the power to violate someone on probation—because, apparently, they don’t think armed men chasing after a person isn’t, by itself, enough reason for said person to run.

The attorneys also argue that, somehow, knowledge of Arbery’s probation will counter the narrative that their clients “only chased after [Arbery] because they were violent racists who did not want a Black man jogging in their mostly white neighborhood,” according to the motion the lawyers filed. Clearly, these lawyers are relying on the jury to completely ignore the fact that the McMichaels had no way of knowing Arbery was on probation when they began chasing him around their Brunswick neighborhood, which is exactly what prosecutors pointed out as they, once again, argued that Arbery’s past is “irrelevant.” 

AJC reported that “Arbery had previously pleaded guilty to two separate incidents and received sentences of probation for each one: carrying a handgun onto school property and obstruction in 2013, and attempting to shoplift a television from a Walmart in 2017.”

But again, this doesn’t matter because neither the McMichaels nor Bryan are cops—they’re just three white men who likely used Georgia’s recently repealed citizens arrest law as an excuse to lynch a negro they found suspicious and didn’t think belonged in their neighborhood. 

May all three of them rot.


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