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Just as game recognizes game, white supremacists recognize their own.

Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke appears to be salty at ex-President Donald Trump and Fox Noose…I mean, News host Tucker Carlson for stealing his white nationalist shine by creating platforms out of his ideas without giving him his neo-Nazi props.

Media Matters shared clips from a recent episode of Duke’s podcast, Tighty-Righty-Whitey Radio. (I’m joking, that’s not what it’s called. I don’t know what it’s called. Who the hell cares what David Duke’s podcast is called?) In the clips, Duke complained to his co-host, Patrick Slavery…I mean, Slattery, that both Trump and Carlson adopted talking points that were based on ideas he came up with back when he had political aspirations.

Specifically, Duke pointed to both Trump’s and Carlson’s promotion of the age-old white nationalist “great replacement theory,” which generally revolves around white people’s paranoia that they’re being replaced by non-white immigrants and Black people who will reproduce faster than they will and make white people the minority racenot that minorities are being treated unfairly in America or anything.

“Trump really knows what his movement is based upon”—the Addicted to Klan-ax podcast host said referring to his own political campaigns from his failed bid to become governor of Louisiana in 1991 (or to win a seat in the Louisianna Senate, or to run for president). “You know, (Trump) had to know that I ran my campaigns primarily on the immigration issue, on fair trade issues, on the issues of preserving American culture, on stopping the replacement of European Americanswhich people are all talking about now, years and years and years.”

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Also during the episode of the I Heart Lynchings podcast, Duke played a clip of Trump’s recent rally in Iowa in which the commander-in-losing-bigly recalled: “one politician many years ago, came in second in a certain state, and he became famous for many, many years because he came in second.”

Duke assumed Trump was talking about him saying to Slattery, “You wonder, why would he even bring that up, and not—definitely very much avoid saying the name, right?”

Slattery agreed saying, “Let’s just say he ran on the David Duke platform. He certainly wasn’t able to implement very much of it as president.”

“And he definitely didn’t talk about the fundamental issues like we talk about,” Duke added. “He believed—and maybe he was right in a way, in terms of his ability to get elected—he believed that he couldn’t get elected if he just laid out the fact that this tiny Jewish racist, ultra-racist, ultra-supremacist minority has supremacy over (mainstream media and social media). Jews, they’re Jews, Jews, and more Jews, and they’re all connected.”


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Later during the Ex-Klan But Not That X Clan podcast, Duke went on to rant about how Carlson also keeps stealing his white supremacist steez.

“How could it be that I’m an evil guy, when all of the fundamental things that Tucker says, the fundamental things he says—except for the fact they don’t dare talk about the real truth of the real racism that dominates this country, the Jewish racism that dominates—isn’t that, that’s an amazing take, too, isn’t it?” the antisemite who wants to be oppressed so bad asked while being completely oblivious to the fact that Carlson is also considered by many to be “an evil guy.”

Duke continued by making wild claims about “a purposeful program to destroy, to literally wipe out the white people in America and Europe, and make us a tiny minority and ultimately just basically erase us from the Earth.” (I mean, don’t threaten us with a good time, amirite?)

“That’s really what’s going on, and it’s really interesting that all of these (are) things that Tucker is talking about now,” he continued.

It must be inconvenient for Republicans and white conservatives who are desperate to prove they aren’t bigots that they keep getting endorsed by the loud and proud bigots who obviously share the same general ideology.

I’m just going to put this out there: Maybe Trump and Carlson aren’t copy-catting Duke; maybe they’re just all cut from the same Klan cloth.


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