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UPDATED: 9:10 a.m. ET, Nov. 19, 2021 —

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy was arrested Thursday night in Orlando, Florida after a video of him attacking his ex-girlfriend  went viral. Stacy was charged with aggravated battery and criminal mischief and was taken to Orange County Jail by Orlando Police. After his video hit the press, police began a search for Stacy.

Oakland police coordinated with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to determine Stacy had left Florida, but was returning to Orlando on a flight from Nashville to turn himself in.

Once his flight arrived, Stacy was arrested with no incident.

Stacy’s ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans took to her instagram account to thank everyone for their support and called for more charges to be brought against Stacy.

She also started a GoFundMe dedicated to raising awareness for domestic violence victims, and providing better resources for them. In the description of her crowdfunding campaign, Evans says she wants to encourage all men and women who have been a victim of domestic violence to reach out to their local domestic violence center for help.

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Former NFL running back Zac Stacy was caught on video brutally attacking his ex-girlfriend and mother of his five-month-old child who was present during the violent assault.

According to TMZ Sports, the altercation happened Saturday at the woman’s home in Florida. Stacy can be seen in the video violently pulling her up off of the couch and tossing her across the room into a TV, which then falls on top of her. He then picks an object up and throws it at her before yanking her up off of the floor.

It’s a disturbing video, so use caution when viewing it below.

The victim of the attack hasn’t yet been named publicly, but she reportedly called the police just after the attack. Stacy fled the scene before the cops arrived.

“He punched me several times in the head! I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me,” the woman wrote in a restraining order application obtained by TMZ. He then picked me up and threw me into my TV. The TV began to fall and he turned to make sure I wasn’t getting up. As I laid on the floor he began to yell at me, telling me I’m destructive. He then picked me up off the floor and off my feet and body-slammed me into our son’s bouncy seat.”

It’s hard to make out what Stacy was shouting at her during the attack, but he is heard saying something about her being “destructive”—as he tosses her around the room like a ragdoll, damages property and terrorizes the woman and likely their child.

The woman said Stacy told their son, “I love you,” before leaving the home ahead of police arrival.

It’s unclear if the woman’s restraining order has been granted—though it would be hard to imagine why the hell it wouldn’t be—but TMZ reported that she explained in the application, “I fear for my life and my children’s lives.” She also said she had been treated for head wounds, bumps and bruises at the hospital. 

So far, no one representing Stacy hasn’t made any statements regarding the attack.


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