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MoveOn Mobile Billboard And Protest At Rep. Kevin McCarthy's Bakersfield Office Demanding Removal Of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene From House Committee On Education And Labor

A view of the MoveOn Mobile Billboard and Protest at Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield office demanding the removal of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from House Committee on Education and Labor on February 4, 2021, in Bakersfield, California. | Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty

At this point, calling Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a racist is like saying the sky turns less blue when the weather is bad.

In this episode of Water Is Wet News, the same congresswoman who filmed herself ranting about an “Islamic invasion” of the U.S. government because Muslims were being elected to office, referred to Muslim members of Congress as the “Jihad Squad,” claimed Congress members weren’t official unless they were sworn in on the Bible, referred to Black people as “slaves” to the Democratic party, compared Black Lives matter to the KKK and claimed white Jan. 6 Capitol riot suspects were being discriminated in jail “because of the color of their skin”also has a weird issue with the celebration of Kwanzaa.

On Sunday, after Christmas ended and Black Americans across the nation began to celebrate the weeklong holiday festivities in which we exchange gifts, eat traditional meals, light candles to honor the ancestors and, well, generally mind our own Black business, Greene was continuing the Anglo-Saxon tradition of shouting down any cultural practice that doesn’t have the white supremacist stamp of approval.

“Stop. It’s a fake religion created by a psychopath,” Greene tweeted. “You aren’t bringing in new voters, you are turning them away. People are tired of pandering and BS.”

So basically, a group of fellow Republicanswho are likely just as white nationalism prone as Republicans tend to be but aren’t basically Rush Limbaugh in a skirt like Greene is—offered a modest holiday greeting for those celebrating Kwanza and that was just too much for the QMoron and her aggressive white fragility to bear. So Greene called Kwanzaa a “fake religion” despite the fact that it’s literally not a religious holiday, and called its founder a “psychopath,” which is like the mayonnaise jar calling the snowflake “white.” (Am I the only one who thinks the “pot meet kettle” thing is kinda racist?)

As Business Insider pointed out, Kwanzaa was founded in 1966 by Maulana Karenga, who, in 1970, was convicted along with three other members of the US Organization, a Black liberation group, of brutally assaulting female members of the group in an attempt to force them to confess to conspiring against him.

Now, Karenga denied the accusations even after his conviction, but we can concede that he likely wasn’t a person to tout as some kind of great man or leader. Still, we essentially celebrate the massacre of indigenous people and theft of their lands on Thanksgiving, we celebrate a date when Black people were still enslaved and would be for more than a century and call it Independence Day and we celebrate Presidents’ Day and our Founding Fathers like most of them weren’t either slavers, rapists, unabashed white supremacists or all of the above—I think we can handle celebrating Kwanzaa despite the sins of its creator.

Also, Greene is literally going to bat for white nationalists who are accused of storming the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the government all because their rust-flavored cult leader got voted out of office—who the hell cares what she thinks about Karenga?

All Greene’s tweet proves is that she won’t even take a holiday from being an unapologetic bigot.

Also, grass is green.


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