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The year has just begun and gun violence is already on full display. Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey was placed on administrative leave after shooting at a suspect during a New Year’s Eve fight in the parking lot of a Superstop in Arkansas.

According to authorities, while on patrol Chief Humphrey encountered the dispute and approached to diffuse the situation. As he exited his vehicle, Taz Hayes fired her gun in the direction of Kelecia Mayo, shooting and critically injuring her.

Officer Humphrey then discharged his weapon and fired at Hayes as she fled the scene. Hayes was not injured during the incident and was later arrested by Arkansas State Police. Mayo was taken to Little Rock hospital and was last reported to be in critical condition.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. has appointed Assistant Chief Crystal Young-Haskins as acting police chief while Arkansas State Police investigate the fight that led to the shooting and the officer’s decision to discharge his weapon.

Investigators also say they found a bullet in a vehicle in the parking lot and will be examining it to see if it belongs to officer Humphrey. 

“This is an unprecedented situation because it involves our chief of police,” Scott said

“The city asked state police to investigate both the initial fight and Humphrey’s response to remain “accountable, clear and transparent.”

Video of the incident, which was posted on social media, shows a very angry woman breaking a car window with a bottle as a young man tries to calm her down. In the background, you can see officer Humphrey’s SUV pulling up right before Hayes begins shooting in the direction of Mayo.

After the shooting bystanders began to scatter and some screamed, The police are shooting at her!”

Taz Hayes was arrested and initially charged with first-degree battery, although she could face more charges.

State investigators plan on submitting their findings to a state Prosecutor to determine whether or not Chief Humphrey’s actions were legal under Arkansas law.

Click here to watch another angle of the shooting. Please be warned, additional angles are more violent and do show senseless gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


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