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There are white people out there who just wake up with the Black Lives Matter movement on their minds and buckets at the side of their beds to catch their morning flow of white tears. They move through their days with BLM on the brain and are ready to lash out at the movement whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Some of them start wilding out at restaurants whenever they see a BLM sign in the window or a family of patrons donning BLM shirts. Some of them are cops who get all whiny about BLM-related art oppressing their blue lives. Some get themselves locked up for stealing BLM banners from Black churches and burning them like they ran out of crosses. (I realize Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is actually Afro-Cuban, but, come on, guys, if anyone is a defacto white man, it’s that guy.)

Then there are white men like conservative journalist for the Christian Broadcasting Network David Brody, who didn’t even bother waiting for the subject of BLM to come up before he lashed out at the movement because *checks notes* he made the decision to drive in the snow Monday.

“Today in DC. They knew a snowstorm was coming for days,” Brody tweeted accompanied by a photo he presumably took of the icy D.C. road he was driving on (which is a weird thing to do if one is concerned for their safety). “Apparently, ‘black lives matter’ but the lives of people driving in a snowstorm don’t.”

Brody eventually deleted the tweet after doubling down on it likely because he got tired of the burns on his back from being dragged up and down Twitter by people who had a number of questions regarding his out-of-nowhere post including the most obvious one:

What the hell, Brody?

What does BLM have to do with you driving in the snow? Are you assuming it’s the job of negroes to shovel the snow and salt the roads? How is it that a demonstrable racist isn’t satisfied being surrounded by all that whiteness and all those fellow snowflakes? What else is BLM’s fault? If your wife leaves you, will you sob into a handkerchief crying, “How could BLM do me like this?” When your knee starts to hurt, do you say, “There goes my lower legs learning Critical Race Theory again?”

Honestly, the question that immediately came to mind when I read “‘black lives matter’ but the lives of people driving in a snowstorm don’t” was—does Brody think Black people don’t drive in the snow?

Brody eventually tried to clear things up by pretending those responding to him were the ones who were lacking in logic.

“Congratulations to those who have misunderstood my words,” he wrote. “Not surprising on Twitter. I’m not talking about black people. I’m talking about the BLM movement and the support they get from the DC Government. Settle down trolls.”


Apparently, what Brody was trying and failing miserably to say was Washington D.C. cares more about supporting BLM than warning motorists about the snowstorm. This only means Brody is not only racist, but he doesn’t pay attention to weather forecasts.

Obviously, it isn’t the movement’s fault Brody missed the memo from meteorologists predicting that D.C. would be hit “with the largest total snowfall impact in 3 years,” and that the storm “is expected to bring dangerous driving conditions on Monday morning commutes.”

Perhaps Brody was too comfortable in his Klan snuggie to be awake when D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser deployed the District Snow Team Sunday night and warned motorists to stay the hell off the roads.

Maybe he was too busy scribbling “All Lives Matter” in his Hello White Nationalist Kitty notebook to notice reports that “more than 20 million people are under winter alerts today from Georgia to New England as strong but quick-moving storm impacts the regions,” or that the “federal government in Washington, DC, is closed Monday” due to snowstorm conditions.

Shame on BLM for making this poor white man miss all the news of the storm, warnings that people shouldn’t drive in the storm and precautions taken by officials from D.C. and the surrounding areas in preparation for the storm, amirite?

Anyway, on Monday, presumably, when Brody was done driving in the snow like an idiot, he tweeted a whiny message from ex-President Donald Trump saying “Everybody should drop off of Twitter and Facebook,” in response to Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene getting booted permanently from Twitter.

Besides the fact that Brody is posting “drop off of Twitter”…from Twitter, the truth is, his need to leave social media has nothing to do with Greene—he needs to go because his Twitter fingers are idiotic, logic deficient and racist, and apparently, all they do is get him dragged the second he hits “send.”


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