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There is no one way to celebrate Black History Month. The Black American experience is not a monolith. Our stories can be colorful, they can be painful, and they can be inspirational all in one breath. Our celebration of history is so much more than reading a Martin Luther King Jr speech. We should also celebrate the art that gives our history life.

Being Black in America is like a tidal wave. From afar it can look beautiful, but beneath the surface there is turmoil. A constant battle with the ebbs and flows of life. If you think about our history deeply, you will start to understand how amazing we are as a people. Stripped of our heritage and culture, we stood the test of time and shaped a new culture. One that breathes life into so much of society. Our music, our style, our fashion, our vernacular; all of it influences the world.

To celebrate our influence we’ve compiled a list of 28 movies you can watch during Black History Month. The list will bring you some pain, but it will also bring you hope and inspiration. There’s nothing like a good movie to give you a different perspective into how the world works; present, future, and past. Movies can teach you history, they can inspire you to act, but they also can make you laugh. Finding the joy in our history is a way to develop pride in what got you here.

Black history is American history, the two should not be separated into two categories. The celebration of our people isn’t relegated to just 28 days, but these days are an opportunity to grow and learn. We’ve listed 28 black movies to watch during Black History Month so you can challenge yourself to one movie a day.  Some movies are from the past and some from the present. Some of the movies are based on real events and some are fiction. Regardless, each movie will give you a different perspective of our history.

History will never stop being made and shouldn’t be seen through one lens. Feel free to add or subtract any of these movies for some choices of your own.

Week 1

1. RedTails

2. Glory

3. 12 Years A Slave

4. The Wiz

5. Crooklyn

6. The Great Debaters

7. I Am Not Your Negro

Week 2

8. Straight Outta Compton

9. Soul

10. Fruitvale Station

11. Marshall

12. Ali

13. Love & Basketball

14. 42

Week 3

15. Remember The Titans

16.The Princess and the Frog

17. Malcolm X

18. The Hate U Give

19. Judas And The Black Messiah

20. Detroit 

21. Black Panther

Week 4

22. Blade

23. Rosewood

24. Do The Right Thing


26. If Beale Street Could Talk

27. The Color Purple

28. Moonlight


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