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Every single day the internet reminds us how gross and disappointing humans can be.

For many of usand particularly Black people across Americathe murder of George Floyd symbolized a galvanizing breaking point in racial awareness. It became the catalyst for a 2020 summer of seemingly endless protests against systemic racism in policing. Floyd never intended to become a martyr, but in the eyes of millions, he became one all the same.

But for some of the racist and tasteless, Floyd’s death became an opportunity for cheap exploitation.  So now “Floydies” are a thing.

According to Input, “crudely drawn pixel art that caricatures Floyd, giving him bloodshot eyes—have sold to date, making their creator or creators just short of $5,000.” It’s unclear who the creators are, but their racist-as-hell series of white obliviousness displays was launched on the OpenSea platform on December 7.

Of course, we don’t know if the creators are actually white—but they’re definitely white in spirit. This is some white a** sh** to do. I mean, it just doesn’t get much more caucasified than this:

There’s even an image included that features Floyd in a police uniform, which is like “honoring” Nicole Simpson by photoshopping her in a Buffalo Bills jersey. It’s just disgusting, insensitive and decidedly bigotted.

And for some reason, the creators of the images think it’s a good look that the San Fransico Police Department has “liked” some of the images, which, by the way, the department is being investigated for.

And if you need more evidence that whoever created these images is racist and tone-deaf, they actually think they have the authority to permit white people to use the n-word and are presuming to give buyers of their “art” a free-pass to do so.

And yet, despite how demonstrably racist this creator is (and if they’re Black, even their sunken placer has a sunken place) they are defending their “art” and claiming it isn’t racist at all.

Whether this person or persons really believes what they’re doing honors Floyd and shows allyship, or they’re just racist trolls pimping Black pain for profit (Hint: It’s definitely the latter) it’s clear what they’ve done and continue to do is hurtful and just plain dumb, and it’s really a shame that Twitter and other social media outlets haven’t done the responsible thing and banned this campaign into oblivion by now.

Sometimes I just really hate people.


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