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Advocates and members of Congress are calling on President Joe Biden to roll back harsh immigration policies that disproportionately impact Black immigrants. Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Cori Bush led 100 members of Congress in an open letter to the president requesting that he reverse “inhumane immigration policies,” including the continuation of the Trump administration’s interpretation of a policy known as Title 42. 

The Biden administration’s continuation of Title 42 has been a significant sticking point for immigration groups. From October 2020 through August 2021, 938,045 migrants were expelled from the country without due process. Last year the egregious treatment of Haitian migrants and other asylum seekers raised issues with Biden’s campaign promises on immigration reform and undoing draconian policies implemented under Trump.   

As previously reported by ABC News, Title 42 is a rarely used provision of the 1944 public health services law that the Trump administration interpreted to “rapidly expel” people under the guise of minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

“It is time to undo the United States’ draconian immigration policies, particularly policies introduced under the Trump Administration, such as the use of Title 42, that circumvent our humanitarian obligations,” read the letter. “It is essential that we recommit ourselves to reversing anti-Black policies, including by adopting a human-rights centered approach to supporting immigrants and people seeking asylum in the United States.” 

Booker and Bush also requested the administration take a deep look at the systemic challenges facing Black migrants and a holistic review of the treatment of Black migrants throughout the entire system. At the outset of his tenure 

The mistreatment of Black people in the immigration system parallels the violent experiences of many in the domestic criminal system. While Thursday marked an awareness day for Black immigrants, eliminating inherent racial bias in the system continues.  

Groups such as the UndocuBlack Network and Haitian Bridge Alliance call for action during Black History Month to change the way Black asylum seekers are treated with dignity and equal opportunity. 

RAICES joined the call to action, noting that the Biden administration follows the racist archetype in Title 42 set forth by Stephen Miller. Having an administration do better on some things but fail to root out   

“I have witnessed the use of antiquated racist and dehumanizing tropes stemming from chattel slavery that Black people don’t feel pain the same as everyone else, and we can endure more pain than other racial groups,” Nicole Morgan, associate attorney at RAICES, said. In a statement released on Black Immigrant Advocacy Day of Action, Morgan said Black migrants are often not seen as credible in describing their fear and 

“During this Black History Month, we cannot address systemic racism without confronting the anti-Blackness in our immigration system,” Morgan said. “We will not stop fighting until the current immigration system is abolished and a new system is created that recognizes the humanity and dignity of all people.” 


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