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Knowledge is power. Inspired by that belief, an 11-year-old from Atlanta has set out on a mission to ensure children from underserved communities have access to financial literacy programs.

Caden Harris learned and mastered the fundamentals of money management before turning 10. With the support of his parents, he launched his first business at the age of 7 and released his first book titled—”Caden’s Rich Kid Guide”—at eight years old. Determined to spread his wealth of knowledge, the youngster often leads financial literacy-focused seminars at local schools, churches and community spaces where he teaches other children about investing, budgeting and saving.

For his next endeavor, Caden is taking his expertise on the road by creating a mobile learning center. Last year, he acquired a 54-seat passenger bus, and he’s aiming to raise $30,000 to transform the vehicle into a space where youth can learn about building a foundation for financial success. Caden has plans to equip the bus with a tablet station focused on stocks and investments, a mock bank that will teach children how to open accounts and a mock grocery store that will educate youth about budgeting money.

Caden says the project will help fill a void in teaching kids money management skills.

“With this bus, I will go around to schools and events to teach financial literacy in a fun interactive way,” read a statement posted on his fundraiser’s page. “The bus will have learning activities, tablets, TVs and interactive learning experiences. Schools and events would have the bus come out to give students a memorable financial lesson. There are STEM buses around, but there aren’t buses teaching financial literacy, which is the best tool we can learn to ensure we have a secure future.”

Efforts like the one being led by Caden are needed as research shows students who take personal finance classes are more likely to implement responsible money management practices in adulthood.


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