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One man’s mistake is Sarah Palin’s opportunity to score political points.Let me say right off the bat that I do not have a lot of expertise in the area of the learning disabled. I do not work in the field professionally, and I do not have a social connection to anyone who is developmentally impaired. (Well, I take that back. I have a few friends who happen to be attorneys and you could make a pretty good argument….never mind.) But I do know that the word retarded is offensive, and it should not be used by people who should know better.

So I was surprised to learn that O’s right hand man, Rahm Emanuel, used the word when referring to some left wing groups last summer. Seems my man was pretty ticked off that they were going to fund some ads against some blue dogs, and old Rahm let it fly.

“Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Emanuel, exasperated upon learning that liberal special-interest groups were planning to run ads against conservative Democrats not supportive of health care reform, blasted the plan as “f—— retarded” over the summer..”

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Shame on you Rahm, be more careful with your language next time. And apologize to all the folks who are involved with the learning disabled here in A-merry-ca, be it professionally or personally.

Now, having said that, I have to get with our girl Sarah again. Apparently she sees a political opportunity here, and she isn’t wasting anytime before taking advantage of it.

“Naturally, some outrage ensued after Emanuel’s words came to light, with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin taking to her Facebook page to call on President Obama to fire him for what she saw as the equivalent of a racial slur. Palin, whose son Trig is afflicted with Down syndrome, said she was informed of Emanuel’s comment by a fellow parent of a special-needs child and pleaded with the president to “show decency” to the political process by “eliminating” the Chicago native from his inner circle. In a post titled “Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?,” Palin wrote, “Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities — and the people who love them — is unacceptable,” adding, “it’s heartbreaking.”

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