A pro-trans group that said Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" song inspires "harm against transgender women" now claims it was "satire." But a handful of news outlets got caught slipping.

The comedian's material on trans people is coming back to haunt him.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A simple yet powerful message, the picture of Cheadle, has surfaced from time to time.  


As outraged as people are by police brutality or white supremacist violence, they should be disturbed by transphobic attacks. All three injustices deny people of their humanity and the right to live.  

The saga of controversy that's resulted from Dave Chappelle's very viral Netflix standup special, 'The Closer,' has practically been unfolding daily since it premiered a few weeks ago. However, the veteran comedian is said to be open about talking things out.


Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson recently found himself under fire for catching the bigot holy ghost while speaking at churches to denounce educators for teaching students about the LGBTQ "filth" community.

Donald Trump may be gone from Washington, but the hateful, conspiracy theory-fueled ideologies that he championed are still very much present on Capitol Hill thanks to Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Tayor Greene.


The actress is accused of some serious violence.

It’s like getting a hug from Baby Jesus when  Trump does something unconstitutional and he gets a smack down from the law. This happened today with 45’s “ban” on transgender individuals serving in the military. In case you blocked it out of your mind, back in July Trump decided via Twitter that transgender people could […]