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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Meets With LGBTQ+ Advocates

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams is once again reminding us that he used to be a cop. He’s doing that thing only cops and white people do when a Black person is killed by anyone other than a cop or a white person—he’s calling out the Black Lives Matter movement out of nowhere.

“Where are all those who stated ‘Black lives matter?’” Adams said Wednesday on NY1 after multiple shootings were reported out of Brooklyn and the Bronx, according to the New York Post. “Do an analysis of who was killed or shot last night. I was up all night speaking to my commanders in the Bronx, in Brooklyn. The victims were black.”

From the Post:

Three people were killed and at least 13 others were wounded in a series of shootings that rocked parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn late Tuesday and early Wednesday, police and sources said.

The fatalities included a 23-year-old woman and two men, 22 and 21, all killed in separate Bronx shootings. At least five other shootings were reported in New York City during a roughly six-hour span, authorities said.

So basically, Adams said he did some digging around and found the victims of the shootings were Black people. It appears that cop logic took over his brain and he looked around, saw zero BLM protests and thought, “What gives?” while completely ignoring the fact that the general public was likely unaware of the information he himself said he had just received.

“The lives of these black children that are dying every night matter,” Adams said. “We can’t be hypocrites.”

First of all, Adams probably isn’t the one to be making this non-point in the first place seeing as he, in an attempt to bolster his “tough on crime” campaign, recently reinstated a plainclothes police unit that had been previously dismantled over complaints of racial profiling and police brutality.

Secondly, do we really need to explain again in 2022 what BLM is specifically about? BLM protests exist in order to pressure authorities into bringing authorities to justice when authorities kill Black people unjustly, or when authorities refuse to do anything about racist citizens killing Black people.

Assuming the shootings Adams has gotten his tighty-blues all in a bunch about were committed by Black people, protests to bring said shooters to justice would be pointless since our justice system has never been hesitant or lenient when it comes to Black criminality.

And yet, we actually stage anti-gun violence demonstrations in our neighborhoods and cities all the time.

Before Black Lives Matter there was the “Stop the Violence” movement, which has been around for decades. Even in recent years, in response to gun violence in urban areas, there have been anti-gun violence marches put together by activists and community members in Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Brooklyn and countless other cities. Just because these demonstrations aren’t covered in the media as much—because there is no controversy surrounding them, unlike BLM—doesn’t mean they’re not happening. 

None of this matters, of course, because Adams is just out here grandstanding. If he calls out BLM he gets a soundbite that insures people he’s not some radical BLM supporter—he’s a cop-turned-mayor. He’s not a man who has any connection to social justice movements. He doesn’t know anything about them. 

Invoking perceived BLM hypocrisy every time a Black person is killed is intellectually lazy, unproductive and demonizing for no discernible reason. Black people aren’t hypocrites because we won’t do a cop’s job for them.


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