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For some reason, conservatives have such a huge bug up their collective arses over now-former MSNBC foreign-policy analyst Malcolm Nance, who was once a Navy combat veteran, leaving his job as a journalist to join the fight against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Recently, disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn—a man who, for various reasons, should be shutting the hell up about all things Russia-related at this point—made an appearance on Emerald Robinson’s show on Mike Lindell TV (yeah, I don’t know what that show or network is either) where he was asked what he thought about Nance. A snippet of the interview was posted on Twitter, and that clip is all one needs to hear to know that all Flynn did was reach into a bag of generic right-wing platitudes in denouncing Nance.

“Is he fighting for a fascist dictator, or is he fighting communism? Whose side is he on here?” Flynn asked in what appeared to be largely rhetorical questions.

Look, it’s unclear in what capacity Nance is offering his services in the fight for Ukraine, but what is clear is that Flynn is just pulling words like “fascist” and “communism” out of thin air, likely because he knows all right-wingers need is to hear those buzz words for them to get worked up into a frenzy. Seriously, where did that even come from? (This question is also rhetorical.)

Of course, the fine folks on Twitter had fun pointing out that, again, Flynn is in a glass house throwing stones he has no business even underhand tossing.

“War is not fair,” Flynn continued while stumbling over his words, which would be convoluted even if he could speak them clearly. “Is he supposed to be a journalist reporting the news, or is he out there trying to make the news? What kind of ploy is that?”

It seems pretty clear that Nance left his job as a journalist in order to use his military experience to help Ukraine in any way he can. The real question is why are the righty-whites so salty about it.

Anyway, Nance responded to Flynn by simply inviting him to STFU and joining others in pointing out that “Flynn LITERALLY ate Putin’s bread SEATED AT HIS RIGHT HAND.”

My question for conservatives is—what happened to “support the troops?”

You know what? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.


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