23-year-old Zambian student Lemekhani Nathan Nyirenda was killed while in combat in Ukraine, Zambia's foreign ministry announced on Monday. 


Former national security advisor Michael Flynn made an appearance on Emerald Robinson’s show on Mike Lindell TV where he was asked what he thought about former MSNBC foreign-policy analyst Malcolm Nance joining the fight in Ukraine. He asked if Nance is "fighting for a fascist dictator, or is he fighting communism."


Now-former MSNBC foreign-policy analyst Malcolm Nance revealed that he has returned to his roots as a combat veteran and left the world of news reporting in order to join the fight in Ukraine against the Russian forces.


Despite the EU protection directives that those fleeing the conflict should be admitted temporarily, disparities persist in treatment.


Hampton University is receiving significant backlash on social media after the school announced it has invited students impacted by the war in Ukraine to study at the HBCU's campus for free.


The escalating tensions in the region could slow any diplomatic resolution for Griner.

"Black lives should matter today. Black lives should matter in America. Black lives should matter in Europe."