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The funeral for Patrick Lyoya, an unarmed black man shot in the head by Grand Rapids police, will be held at 11 am today at the Renaissance Church of God in Christ in Michigan.

Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to deliver the eulogy, and attorney Ben Crump will also speak at the funeral. Sharpton’s National Action Network said it was helping Lyoya’s family pay for the funeral. You can watch the funeral service here below.

Patrick Lyoya was shot and killed by a white officer after a traffic stop for unregistered license plates.

During a press conference on April 3, video footage of the shooting was released by the Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom. The series of videos included dashcam, bodycam, cellphone video, as well as footage from a neighbor’s home security camera.

Patrick Lyoya Grand Rapids police shooting video screenshots

Source: City of Grand Rapids / City of Grand Rapids

The cellphone video, which was recorded by a passenger in the car Lyoya was driving when he was pulled over, shows the moment when the officer shot the 26-year-old in the back of his head.


Protests kicked off in Grands Rapids, Michigan, after the release of the video. Protestors gathered in front of the Grand Rapids Police Department to demand justice for Patrick Lyoya. They also demanded that Police Chief Winstrom release the name of the officer who shot and killed Lyoya.

Protest in Grand Rapids over the killing of Patrick Lyoya

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Unverified reports across social media identified the officer as being named Christopher Paul Schurr.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump is demanding accountability.

“The video clearly shows that this was an unnecessary, excessive, and fatal use of force against an unarmed Black man who was confused by the encounter and terrified for his life,” Crump said in an email to NewsOne after the video footage was released. “It should be noted that Patrick never used violence against this officer even though the officer used violence against him in several instances for what was a misdemeanor traffic stop.”

An independent autopsy performed not only confirmed that Patrick Lyoya died from being shot in the back of his head by a police officer but also that the officer “pressed” his gun into the unarmed Black man’s head before firing the “contact shot.”

No arrests have been made in the shooting death of Patrick Lyoya.

This is a developing story that will be updated as additional information becomes available.


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