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While Drew Brees is getting a lot of attention after winning the Super Bowl and has done the traditional Disney World commercial, New Orleans Saints defensive captain, Jonathan Vilma, has other plans.

Vilma told reporters that he would go to Haiti after the Super Bowl to help out in earthquake relief. Here’s what he said Vilma said before the Super Bowl.

In the position I’m in right now where I’m really restricted in what I can do, it’s really about doing something positive, doing something effective right now and then being more efficient once the season is over with

In general, my intentions are to go down there and be productive. You hear a lot of people just going down and saying, ‘Look at the devastation,’ and that’s what they’re reporting back. Well, that’s a given. That’s obvious.

I want to go down there and help, whether it be to clear out the devastation, try to help build homes, whatever it is I want to go down and not just look around and say it’s a sad situation. We all know it’s a sad situation. What can I do to help the situation?


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