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It would be nice if all racist cops were as dumb and careless as a Cincinnati officer who was caught on her own body camera shouting the n-word all because she was raging while being caught in traffic. We really need them all to expose themselves like this.

According to Vice, On April 5, Officer Rose Valentino was sitting in her patrol car while stuck in traffic right outside of Western Hills University High School, which was near the police station she was trying to pull into. (Already, this is a Black child-involved police use of force incident waiting to happen.) So, school had just ended, which means parents were in their cars trying to pick up their kids—which is the most regular-degular reason for heavy traffic in a school zone. But that didn’t give Valentino pause before she started wilding out like she was the only person who was stuck.

From Vice:

Frustrated by the traffic, Valentino put on her sirens in hopes of getting the vehicles to move, to no avail. Then she became irate and began her tirade.

“You got to move, f***ing ridiculous,” she first said. “F***ing assholes.”

Afterward, she rolled down her window and told another driver, who was Black, that she needed to move her vehicle. Shortly afterward, a 16-year-old student of the school flipped her off, setting her off once more. She rolled her window back up and let the racial epithets fly.

“Oh, I hate them so much,” she said, punching her steering wheel. “I hate this fucking world. Fu***ing n*****s, I f***ing hate them.”

So, not only is this officer of the law one Klan hood short of whole grand wizard cosplay but she’s yet another example of cops who think they’re special because they’re cops. Again, everyone hates traffic. Everyone in traffic is also part of the traffic they hate.

And, I mean, YOU’RE LITERALLY IN FRONT OF A SCHOOL WHEN SCHOOL IS LETTING OUT!. There’s nothing “f***king ridiculous” about cars blocking your way while parents are picking up students at that time. It’s to be expected.

Anyway, surprising to nobody Black, this isn’t the first time Valentino has been accused of racism while on the job.

More from Vice:

In 2019, she was named in a federal lawsuit against the city filed by a realtor and a homebuyer, both of whom were Black, who accused her and two other officers of racial discrimination. During the November encounter, the officers ordered two men out of a home they were viewing at gunpoint in front of the homebuyer’s 9-year-old son. The city settled the lawsuit for $151,000.

She was also arrested for disorderly conduct in 2020 for attacking her own sister and another male family member. She was also suspended and ordered to take anger management classes behind the incident. Apparently, those classes didn’t take.

As for Valentino’s most recent incident, she was suspended but not fired—which kind of flies in the face of my initial remark that cops exposing their racism even matters. 

“This is a hard job,” Valentino said in excusing her behavior, according to the report. “I was getting to a point where I was being really affected by it. I have been on for 14 years.”

She also reached the very peak of Mt. Blue Caucasity in saying essentially that she’s not racistAmerica is just so racist it occasionally becomes contagious. (But only to white people. they just have weak immune systems when it comes to protection from COVID-1619.)

“Frequent exposure had allowed the slur to slip into her vernacular,” the police report said. Valentino also said her use of the slur was an isolated incident caused by a “mental episode,” and that she wasn’t “classifying the whole race with her statement.”

First of all, somebody needs to check all the peer-reviewed medical journals to see which mental illness causes mild symptoms of Klan-ish-ness. Secondly, even if it wasn’t absolute white nonsense that she wasn’t “classifying the whole race” when she used the n-word, it really doesn’t make her look any better if she’s reserving that language specifically for Black students and Black parents who are picking their kids up from school.

Racist cops need to be taken off the streets. Instead, a police report is actually trying to help this cop justify her racism.

But please, tell me more about how systemic racism in policing doesn’t exist.


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